March Question of the Month

Just want to say good luck to everyone taking the OCS/SCS exam this month!  We hope our questions of the month and resources have been useful.

This will be the last question of the month till we start up again in November.  All the best!

A patient presents to you with bilateral numbness in the anterior and posterior thighs that worsens with prolonged sitting.


The correct answer is lumbar stenosis.  Although lumbar stenosis can cause bilateral symptoms into the legs, you would expect this patient to have a relief of symptoms when they sit down.

Cervical myelopathy often presents initially in the lower extremities and can worsen symptoms with prolonged sitting.

Cauda equina syndrome and a large central disc herniation in the lumbar spine are essentially the same pathology, and cause bilateral symptoms.  So you can essentially rule these answer choices out.

Tough question this week, and definitely debatable, but all good OCS questions are.

Check out the recent case report published on Cervical Myelopathy in Physiotherapy Theory and Practice by clicking here.



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