OCS/SCS Questions of the Month-CSM edition

Here are some of our top Questions of the Month.

  1. Tiger Woods and Lumbar Disc Herniation
  2. Harry Potter hurts his arm
  3. Discovery Channel- Deadliest Catch

Check out last months QUESTION OF THE MONTHthe first question tricked the majority that tried to answer it.

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Lastly, if you’re going to CSM in New Orleans, check out the sessions we recommend for those who are going prior to taking the OCS/SCS exam this year.


While the patient is sidelying on their left side, you elicit their concordant pain as you move their right hip into extension while keeping the hip adducted and externally rotated.







The correct answer choice is ischiofemoral impingement.  When the clinician moves the hip into extension when the hip is already in an adducted and externally rotated position, this causes ischiofemoral impingement as the lesser trochanter impinges on the ischium, and could be a cause of posterior hip pain.

Check out the excellent article below that was published recently in IJSPT.  This is an excellent article to review prior to taking the OCS or SCS.  Especially for the OCS, a knowledge of the spine, brachial plexus, and lumbosacral plexus is crucial to passing the test!

Click on picture to link to the article.


All pathologies listed are specific to children for hip pathology except for Reiter’s Syndrome.  Understanding pediatric conditions at the hip are extremely important.  Read the reference to learn more.

Click on picture to link to the article.


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