This fall Fast Twitch Press will be releasing another book for OCS and SCS test takers.

This book will emphasize the extremities, whereas the previous PT Ortho Questions book focused on the spine and the PT Sports Questions book focused on on-field management and general concepts for the SCS exam.

The NEW book will have several questions specific to the OCS and SCS tests.

  • The book will have a focus on the extremities.
  • We believe there are several overlapping questions for the OCS and SCS exam when it comes to the peripheral joints.
  • For example, it behooves both OCS and SCS test takers to know the rehabilitation precautions after a biceps tenodesis.
  • The book will not only have practice questions with answers and rationale, but will have short evidence based review sections.


This book is going to be our best yet.

Marcus Williams will be our primary question writer.

  • He brings a wealth of clinical expertise.
  • He’s meticulous about question writing.
  • Each question will highlight an important concept for the test taker.

The review sections of this book will be written by John Snyder.

  • His writing style and interpretation of the evidence is both engaging and interesting.
  • For anyone who has fallen asleep reading the APTA Ortho monographs, this book will be for you.
  • John’s writing style is superb.
  • Anyone who reads his blog or other writings knows what I mean:


You can also follow John on Twitter:

jon twitter


As always, our goal with this this book is to help OCS and SCS test takers


We truly appreciate everyone’s support with this endeavor.

Our goal is to be helpful to the stressed physical therapists trying to pass the OCS/SCS exams.

Please help us spread the word, and inform those preparing for the exam of this resource.

The new book will be released this NOVEMBER. 


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