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Our goal is to help you pass the Orthopedic Certified Specialty (OCS) and Sports Certified Speciality (SCS) examination without breaking the bank.

We know how you feel:

  • At FTP, we understand how arduous and stressful it is to prepare for the OCS exam.
  • In fact, that was us in 2016.
  • We both had completed orthopedic residencies where our success was measured by passing the OCS exam, and failure was not an option.
  • We were stressed to say the least.

Why we wrote PT Ortho Questions:

  • We wrote the book PT Ortho Questions to help you pass the OCS exam, and hopefully have enough money by the end of it to buy a celebratory drink.
  • PT Ortho Questions is a book we wish we would have had when we were preparing for the OCS exam.
  • While studying for the OCS exam we noticed that there really was no practice test book available for purchase, and we were desperate for any study materials to ace the test.
  • With that said, we published this book to fill a gap in study materials for the OCS exam.

The Book

  • For the price of a venti caramel frappuccino, you can purchase the Kindle edition of our book; only $9.99.
  • The paperback version of our book is $29.99.
  • Click on the book cover to see a sample of questions.

We’re very happy that some of our first customers have found the book helpful:


PT Sports Questions

  • Our second book release, PT Sports Questions.
  • 100 multiple choice SCS-like questions.
  • Get an edge over the competition and pass the SCS with PT Sports Questions.
  • Download a free sample of the book by clicking here.
  • Book is currently offered in Kindle format, and in paperback.
  • Book was written by our friend and board certified specialist in Sports Physical Therapy Matthew Brancaleone.


We’re excited to unveil the new cover of our book coming out this December.  Stay tuned.

FTP017-002 PT Ortho & Sports Questions vII Book Cover v2

  • The book will be released on Amazon this November!
  • Focus is on extremity based questions for those taking the OCS or SCS exam.
  • Book is complete with short, quick, engaging review sections.
  • As well as multiple choice practice questions.
  • This book is meant to compliment our first OCS and SCS study prep books.

OCS track:


SCS track: 


Stay tuned.  We will be raffling off the new book upon it’s release in November.

The FTP website

  • In addition to the book, we hope you find the FTP website to be a resource as well.
  • Specific features of the FTP website include:
    • The Question of the Month (QoM)
      • Each month there will be an OCS-like/SCS-like question posted to the QoM section.
      • These questions are meant to be fun and based on pop-culture, sports, music, movies, etc.
      • Studying for the OCS can be boring and monotonous, so hopefully this section helps you learn the content in a fun way.
      • Although it is called Q0M, questions may be posted with more frequency depending on how close the exam is.
    • Recommended Resources to study for the OCS
    • Blog posts

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Again, we created these books and this website to be helpful to physical therapists like us, and we truly hope you enjoy it and feel prepared going into the exam.

Study hard,


Cody J. Mansfield, PT, DPT, OCS, AT
Physical Therapist
Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists